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Our honey comes to you raw and unprocessed, with a unique citrus flare. The bees forage on local flowers, both cultivated and wild, in and around the farm. A large portion of the flavour comes from wild mustard, which grows on almost every uncultivated space within their range.


We grow a wide range of crops and sell at locals farmers markets in the South Okanagan. Believing in the need for more local and fresh food to be generated in our community, we are happy to use these acres, that are part of the Agricultural Land Reserve of British Columbia, to grow. While surrounded by conventionally grown vineyards on the Naramata Bench, we do our best to uphold organic and natural standards of growing.


We grow and sell potted trees at various stages of growth. All species are hardened to the unique Okanagan climate and most are native to BC.


Species available:


Ponderosa pine

White pine

Lodgepole pine

Colorado blue spruce

Douglas fir

Western larch  


Please inquire for more information about the availability or stage of maturity. We are happy to deliver (and plant) any of our trees to a happy home.




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